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“We all have the same 24 hours that Beyoncé has” and its various iterations took the web by storm in late 2013 as the megastar became the figurehead of not only having it all, but being able to somehow do it all too.

How do creatives – composers, painters, writers, scientists, philosophers – find the time to produce their opus? Mason Currey investigated the rigid Daily Rituals that hundreds of creatives practiced in order to carve out time, every day, to work their craft. Some kept to the same disciplined regimen for decades while others locked in patterns only while working on specific works.

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There are enough data to visualize a portion of the hundreds of creative lifestyles. Click the poster to discover:
Gustave Flaubert
Ludwig Van Beethoven
W.A. Mozart
Thomas Mann
Sigmund Freud
Immanuel Kant
Maya Angelou
John Milton
Honore de Balzac
Victor Hugo
Charles Dickens
W.H. Auden
Charles Darwin

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Living Beyond My Limits

I’m Nicole. Colezees pronouced Cole Zees is my nickname. I’m a 28 year old, single and childless, strategy analyst (not sure if I qualify) and a (returning) college student.  One thing that I’ve recently realized about myself (while venting to an older friend about how boring and repetitive my life had become) was that I never set goals for myself. While venting, I explained to her how  sad I was because my boyfriend had decided to move on, because now I would have to return back to a life without anything to look forward to. I generally find a “goal setter” in a boyfriend or a boss and take on whatever goals that they create for me (including becoming an analyst). This ignites me because it gives me real objectives to meet and a purpose for me to live. However, the minute they vacate, I’m lost. She (my friend) then told me that many people get involved in the same daily habits that I was venting about….the up at 5, breakfast (sometimes), work, home at five, sleep at 8, and then up at 5. I then confessed to her that I couldn’t figure out who I was, my dreams, my feelings…I was empty. She cried and admitted that she was living the same life.
Right, then and there I tried to figure out my very own interest. The last thing that I remembered was that  I “enjoyed” meditation, Indian food, worshiping at temples, traveling 4 hours to GA every weekend to visit my boyfriend and reading tons of books about becoming a day trader. Those were my interest all because my boyfriend was an Indian, engineer, looking to get involved in Hedge Funds. Now, I don’t find any of those things as interesting as they once were.So for the next 365 days I plan to live life by getting more involved, and taking the initiative to live out some goals that I’m setting as I’m typing. My goals for the next 365 days include….
  1. Register for summer classes
  2. Workout 5 days a week- Monday- Friday
  3. Drink plenty of Water
  4. Visit all 50 states
  5. Learn to play guitar
  6. Take Spanish Courses
  7. Volunteer at the minimum of 5 times
  8. Register for fall classes
  9. Buy a camera
  10. Save $10,000 dollars
  11. Intimacy
  12. Invest in a “grown up” wardrobe
  13. Eat Mexican –Chagos Cantina 2015 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN 37212 615-386-0106 
  14. Eat Indian –Bombay Palace Restaurant 2912 West End Ave,Nashville, TN 37203 Phone: (615) 321-6140
  15. Eat African – Gojo Ethiopian Cafe & Restaurant (615) 332-0710
  16. Eat Chinese-  Corner Asian Cafe (615) 941-7205
  17. Eat Japanese- Toyko Japanese Steak House Green Hills (615) 297-6608
  18. Read 
  • The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma, 
  •  Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom, 
  •  The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – Deepak Chopra, 
  • Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl, 
  • The Magician’s Way – William Whitecloud

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